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Welcome to SK & Sons Builders. If you are tired of your old living spaces or have a necessity to remodel or extend your house, you have stepped into the right stop. SK & Sons Builders are a group of professionals delivering heart-warming and creatively refined, world-class remodeling and renovating services through new extensions, lofts conversions, repair and renovate roofs, kitchen, bathroom and electric and plumbing services with trendy designs and styles. When you have a need, the team is readily aids to deliver dwellings of elegance and utility.

You can renovate and remodel, extend and convert your properties so as to transform your homes and your life. Transforming your houses with in-style decors for walls, windows, curtains, roofs, kitchens, bedrooms, etc can elevate your life and moods to live-in. When you add extra rooms and utility spaces, there is a happy ambience in your family. When you opt to sell on decent rates, the extensions, conversions and the transformed interiors speak out the true value of your property and aid to attain profit in the market.

SK & Sons Builders help you transform your property with creative, useful, inspiring ideas and designs that are very much cost-feasible and customer-friendly. The team works efficiently from day one - final day to give quality service of construction and satisfy the customers. Preferences may differ, but the well-equipped workforce efficiently measure, record, assess, plan and execute your dream sketch into reality living spaces. Construction is performed only with the best materials that are cost-effective and exhibit longevity. The crew communicates with decorum from the start to the endpoint. Completion of work is practiced on time with full furnishings and décor. Forget shifting if you have limited space at your home because from planning till completion, every aspect of toil and peril, SK & Sons Builders stand guard to handover quintessential homes for a perfect every day.

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  • New extension at affordable prices.
  • Loft conversions.
  • Roofing.
  • Kitchens.
  • Electric & Plumbing.

New Conversation Specialist London

Don’t have enough space for your family at your house? You can think about extension ideas suitable to your house and property, budget and area of living, now.

Cost of the to-be-shifting area and moving-in hassle are the biggest hurdles people face when the insufficiency problem arises.

SK & Sons Builders team is well-skilled in different kinds of extensions and conversion plans from urban glass extensions to traditional room extensions and focuses mainly to provide quality-rich home extension services stuffed with longevity and fashion.

Specialist in Loft Conversation

Lofts have the purpose of storage mainly and other relevant matters. With effective improvement and skillful hands, lofts can be transformed to serve as a means of utility and living purposes.
Loft conversions and improvement is now booming and regarded as sought after house renovation work presently.

Electric & plumbing

SK & Sons Builders electricians’ network can assist you. You can change power points, change old wirings to new ones, etc.

Plumbing is an essential part of all homes that has to be fitted and properly maintained throughout to prevent problems and flaws.


While renovating roofs, certain elements need to be viewed and assessed and repair them. Factors like current insulation thickness, increased snow loading, roofing drainage, rainwater removal, fire safety needs.

The design that goes well.


Just like kitchens, bathrooms are incomparable utilities for an individual. Bathrooms are spaces that aid one to prepare optimistically to face the challenges or to face the day. None can live without bathrooms for long.

SK & Sons Builders are real-time experts.

What Our Client Say

I am very pleased with the service from SK & Sons Builders, they were very professional.
They explained all stages. - Enrika Johnson, Thamesmead London